Donald S Murray – writer & poet

Donald S Murray
writer & poet

Donald S. Murray has joined the Committee of SoAiS, the Society of Authors in Scotland, for the 2020-2023 period, to help amplify the voices of writers based in the Highlands and Islands.

The Society of Authors is the UK trade union for writers, illustrators and literary translators.

The society provides support at all stages of their careers, and has been advising individuals and speaking in support of the rights of the profession for over 100 years. SoAiS is a nation group within the UK-wide Society of Authors, and all members with a Scottish postcode are added to it when they join.

Volunteer committee members of both the Society of Authors and SoAiS are involved in organising a calendar of events for the group’s members; representing members in an official capacity; and maintaining and raising the status of authors, among other responsibilities.

“I joined the committee around a year ago because I was conscious that those writers living in locations like the Highlands and Islands needed to have our voices heard in organisations like these,” says Donald. “Too often they are dominated by those who live in the Central Belt and other urban areas. Oddly the pandemic with its Zoom-type meetings offers us all an opportunity to redress this historical imbalance.”


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