Praise for As the Women Lay Dreaming:

'A powerful novel… A poignant exploration of love, loss and survivor’s guilt.'
Nick Rennison, Sunday Times

'It’s the kind of book you want to read again as soon as you finish it,
because you know there is so much that will be revealed on that second reading.'

Alan Massie, The Scotsman

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Throughout his career, Donald S. Murray has regularly contributed to the likes of The Guardian, The Herald, the Scottish Review, Bella Caledonia, and the Shetland Times, among others.

Country diary: an island built on seaweed, The Guardian

Country diary: Arctic terns swirl around a grey stretch of rock, The Guardian

A Father’s Role, The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Lady Prudence performs a swallow dive, The Island Review

Stir it up, silver darlin’: Bob Marley provides the soundtrack to a sea voyage, The Herald 

The local voices are no longer being heard in Scotland, Scottish Review

A rare capacity to inspire, Scottish Review

A poem for Barra, Scottish Review

Love-making in St Kilda, The Dark Horse

Bela Lugosi in Stornoway, SY StorY

Sphagnum Moss, The Guga Stone



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